Fire Update 9/10/20

Hey everyone!

So some positive news. The air is gaining some moisture and our fire district thinks the outcome is going to be positive. As of yesterday evening the fire had slowed a bit and we still haven’t entered any phase of evacuation in my hometown.

My dad is actually the mayor of my hometown so I spent a few hours volunteering with him. We’re taking in evacuees from neighboring towns, so I helped him get that squared away and I’ve been spreading resources on my Facebook page.

The biggest concern is that the wind will blow the fire in our direction. So I’m just hoping those of you reading this can send us some positive vibes, prayers, or whatever it is you do in times of need. We could use it, and we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you all for being such awesome people, and thank you for the positive words yesterday. It’s been scary but we’re doing our best. Our house is full of family and we’re trying to celebrate life even in this sad time. We consider ourselves lucky that none of us have died in the fires, not everyone is so fortunate. We’re trying to remind ourselves that items can be replaced, but family cannot.

Again, thank you all. I’ll update again soon.