Dear wonderful, amazing, beautiful followers,

I am so glad that you all still follow me and have been so loyal. The last few months have been a difficult adjustment for me. I went form being able to blog every day, because I was a stay at home mom and then COVID hit, but now that I’m working again I’ve had a really hard time adjusting to doing both. It’s a struggle to find time to read anymore, thus I can’t pump out the same fun content that I used to. My work/life balance is out of whack. But, I don’t want you guys to worry. I also have good news! I have been sending out manuscripts for a short story that I wrote, fingers crossed that someone will pick it up. On top of that, I came up with an idea for a YA Fantasy book. So I am still writing, just not on the blogging platform currently.

I’m not going to lie to you all. I am not sure when exactly I’ll jump back into my blogging, but I’m going to take a hiatus and post here when I have something to review or discuss. So no definite posting schedule at this time.

I’ll be back for you guys as soon as I have something interesting to discuss.

All my love,


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