Harry Potter Prequel Idea

Marauders! I need to see what they were like. I yearn to obtain more Marauders information. I want young James, Sirius, Lupin, and even Pettigrew to hit the big screen.

I know that they’re kind of doing a prequel already with Fantastic Beasts but stick with me here. My idea is that the prequel would take place in the last 2-3 years the Marauders are at Hogwarts. We can go with them on their adventures, and witness Lily and James fall in love. It sounds beautiful and we would get to relive some of our time at Hogwarts.

Imagine watching the Marauders make the map, assist Lupin as a werewolf, and witness their rivalry with Snape. It would also be an interesting way to show the change that Pettigrew goes through. From loyal friend to Death Eater.

But, it’s gets more interesting. We also get to watch the first coming of Voldemort. We could see Sirius go after Pettigrew, and we would get to see the original Order of the Phoenix. I just feel like if this prequel was done the hardcore fans would get to see the pieces that feel missing to them. We could see how heroic the original Order was. I want to know more about Neville’s parents in The Order. All the people that remain a distant mention within the books and movies could have their time to shine.

I have zero interest in seeing Harry himself return to the big screen anytime soon, but, I’d totally be down to see Harry as a baby the night Voldemort kills his parents. I feel like this is the perfect Segway into the next generation of Harry Potter fans.

The options are endless. Let me know what you think in the comments!