Hospital Visit

So yesterday was a rough one. My son developed a horrible wheeze and cough. We were trying to wait to see his primary care provider, but they told us they couldn’t help us. So we waited until we couldn’t wait anymore. His poor little lungs were working so hard and he was so raspy, so we made the decision to go to the ER.

The ER right now is scary. My son went in with his dad because they only allow one chaperone for minors. It was absolutely terrifying sitting in the car not knowing what was going on. They have a tent set up in front of the entrance to take temperatures and distribute masks.

My boyfriend FaceTimed me when they were settled into their room. My poor baby cried when he saw me 💔

It was a quick trip luckily. My son has an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection. We have antibiotics and we’re back home under quarantine.

Stay safe everyone! And if I don’t post as much it’s because I have a sick baby to take care of.

Quarantine Book Review Series

In honor of my self quarantine, and the seemingly world wide quarantine, I will be doing a series of book reviews related to the current state of the world. I don’t want anyone to think I’m making light of this situation or making fun of anyone because I am just as worried as everyone else. I was just thinking that it would be an interesting time to visit pandemic/post-apocalyptic literature. I’ve seen some other bloggers doing it and thought it would be interesting to compare the novels to real life.

I have just finished Severance by Ling Ma, coming up after that will be Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, then Zone One by Colson Whitehead.

Keep an eye out for my series of Quarantine Reviews, and I’d love some recommendations for this review series in the comments.

Mental Health Check

I am not too vain to admit that I have been doing a lot of panic reading. When COVID-19 was first beginning I had convince myself that it would stay away. I’ve lived a life where this hasn’t happened before, nor did I expect a pandemic of this scale to happen in my lifetime. I realize now that, that was naive.

I’ve been reading everything in sight. Any book I can get my hands on. I’m currently reading three different books. Well, I realized that while reading isn’t a bad thing my panicking is.

I made the decision to make an appointment for my blatantly spiraling anxiety issues and my appointment was eventually deemed non-essential. My appointment I’ve been waiting for was cancelled.

So I’ve been sitting here, freaking out, not knowing what to do and luckily I got a call from my doctor. She has decided to put me on a medication I took several years ago on a trial basis, hoping that the pandemic blows over by the time my trial is over.

I guess my point is this, if you’re feeling scared to the point of needing medication, you’re not alone. What is going on is really scary. If you are unable to get medication like I thought I was, try and find ways to help yourself cope. Keep reading books, look up breathing exercises, love yourself.

If anyone needs to talk, shoot me an email at