Stay At Home Book Tag

Happy Thursday everyone! I was tagged by @ Mad’s Books and this looks like a really fun book tag.

Laying in bed — A book you read in one day

I read If I Stay in one sitting and it was such a sad book. My friend bought this for me for Christmas a few years ago because she absolutely loved it, and thought I would too. It was a good book but it isn’t one of my favorites. I have the sequel but I’ve never picked it up, it’s gathering dust on my bookshelf.

If you like The Fault in Our Stars I think you would like this book because it gave me the same kind of vibes. This one has a little bit of a happier ending though.

There’s also a movie that looked good, but I’ve never watched it. It has Chloë Grace Moretz in it, so I’m sure the acting is top notch, maybe I’ll watch it and do a movie review.

Snacking – A book that is a ‘guilty pleasure’ read

Honestly, I love Pretty Little Liars. The show and the books are way over the top and a little ridiculous, but they’re fun. I even got my boyfriend into the show with me.

If I need something to read purely for entertainment purposes, I’ll pick these up and take a read. These are the type of YA that all the pretentious readers talk bad about, but I think they’re great.

These books are also part of the rare few where I think the show is actually better. They got a great cast to play in that show and it totally outshines the books, but I still enjoy the books.

Who doesn’t love a good teen drama?

Netflix — A series that you want to start

I have had this book on my shelf for so long! It sounds really interesting I’ve just never picked it up. I’ve only heard good things about these books so I feel like I have to read them.

I was working at a bookstore when this series got really big, and they were flying off the shelves. I remember having to wait to get my hands on the first in the series because it had become so popular. But, for some reason it got lost in my bookshelf.

When I’ve beat down my TBR a little bit I’ll have to dust this one off. Or I’ll just add it to the massive TBR stack, because we all know that list will probably never get smaller 😅

Deep clean — A book that has been on your TBR for ages

This poor book has been sitting on my shelf for 3-4 years now. I actually read around the first 50 pages, but it was right in the middle of when I was taking finals, so I never got around to finishing it. It was a good story and the main character was a badass, but it got thrown to the wayside.

I think I’ll actually go find this one and pull it off the shelf, that way I’m forced to at least pick it up again.

It’s a retelling of Vlad The Impaler, I really shouldn’t need that much of a push to pick this one up again. This is the kind of historical fiction that I find most fascinating.

Animal Crossing — A book you recently bought because of the hype

The hype for The Power has definitely died down, but the fact that it was an Obama pick and it was held in such high regard by The New York Times definitely inspired me to pick it up.

I read this book and reviewed it. It definitely lived up to the hype. The Power is an important novel for this day and age, so if you’re thinking about picking it up, do it.

FaceTime — A book you were gifted

My dad bought me a copy of Severance because I asked him to. It was a mistake, I hate this book. Here’s a review and let’s pretend like I didn’t read it.

Self-care — What is one thing you have done recently to look after yourself

I’ve made sure that I stay sane, and blogging has been a really good outlet for that. I’ve been going a little stir crazy, but being able to reach out to the writing community has been awesome for my mental health. Blogging keeps me busy and I’m still able to retain a little bit of a social life through talking to other bloggers on Twitter.

BONUS — An upcoming release you are looking forward to

I’ve talked about The Only Good Indians a few times now, and I’m still so hyped for this book. There aren’t a lot of hyped up Native American authors, especially in the horror genre, and I am so excited for this.

I actually started reading Mongrels by this author and it is so good so far. It’s just making me more excited for The Only Good Indians.

I tag anyone who would like to participate.

Fantasy Book Tag

I saw this book tag on ZeeZee with Books page, and I thought I’d give it a shot.

What is the longest series you’ve ever read?

The Lord of The Rings without a doubt. These books are so long and amazing. They’re some of my all time faves. This series has so much to offer, it teaches the power of friendship, perseverance, and honor.

I decided to finally read these books when I was a sophomore in college, I’d read The Hobbit many times and figured I should probably move on to LOTR. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this series, Tolkien is a fantasy master, and these books are the pinnacle in my opinion.

Favorite Fantastical Setting Or World?

Easy. Hogwarts! I’d kill to be able to do magic with the swish of a wand and go to a school for witches and wizards. There are amazing creatures, exotic plants, and a bit of mischief around every corner. I’m a Gryffindor and the prospect of reading in the common rooms next to a warm fire makes my heart happy.

Me leaving this boring place for Hogwarts

Besides Harry Potter, what is your favorite fantasy book/series?

Ok, well it’s The Lord of The Rings but we’ve already discussed that. I imagine that I would be a Hobbit in Middle Earth. I love to eat and live a quiet life. Imagine me, Sav Baggins.

What fantasy book do you wish was more popular?

This is going to sound a little weird at first but, The Witcher. I know it’s having a serious surge in popularity because of the Netflix series, which is awesome by the way, but I still feel like no one is reading the books… it makes me sad. I have no one to compare the show and books with. Hopefully more will decide to pick them up when the next season comes around.

Your favorite villain?

Bellatrix Lestrange, need I say more?

What’s the first fantasy book you have ever read?

The Hobbit. My father used to read this to me before Christmas each year and it just became natural for me to pick it up. This was the beginning of my love affair with fantasy.

Your favorite Harry Potter book?

This one is Rowling’s masterpiece! The story gets a little darker, and there’s time travel. It’s a really well written book.

What is your favorite mythical creature?

Phoenix are the coolest creatures. They literally reincarnate and are born from the ashes. They perfectly illustrate rebirth and if you follow Harry Potter lore, they have a lot of cool abilities. I think Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix, is the coolest animal sidekick in fantasy.

Favorite female protagonist from a fantasy book?

Hermione Granger. She is so smart and she will do anything for her friends.

Favorite male protagonist?

Sam Gamgee! The ring would’ve never made it to Mt. Doom without him. He constantly risks his life for Frodo, he almost drowns, he fights Shelob, and he sees through Gollum’s lies. Sam is the real hero of LOTR!

Ok, well, if there’s anything you’ve learned is that I’m a little obsessed with Harry Potter and LOTR, but you might’ve already known that. Happy Saturday!