Three Awesome Bloggers to Follow Right Now!

I have a couple bloggers who interact with me fairly regularly and have awesome blogs themselves. I think that if you enjoy my blog then you will definitely enjoy theirs. Here is my list, check them out!

I’m All Booked Up

I’m All Booked Up is ran by Christy and Claire. They are obsessed with YA, and you are sure to find a good review or recommendation on their page. I’ve found myself excited for a book to find out that they are too, it’s cool to have bloggers to relate to in the YA world. Not to mention they are wonderfully nice in every interaction I have with them. They run a virtual book club from their blog, and I just so happen to have the August book, A Song Below Water. I highly recommend them because they are engaging and post regularly.

Find them here!

Twirling Book Princess

I love Twirling Book Princess because they really let their personality shine through. They blog daily and always have something unique to feature. You can expect to see children’s books, YA, manga, and pretty much whatever they feel like reviewing and discussing. I get a lot of awesome feedback from Twirling Book Princess and one particular post they do that I enjoy is their Teaser Tuesday They do this thing where they have pick a random percentage and then they pull a quote from that percent in the book. I just thought that was an awesome idea. Here’s a link to their latest Teaser Tuesday.

Find Twirling Book Princess here!

A Rambling Reviewer

I’d say that A Rambling Reviewer is more of a traditional reviewer than the last two bloggers we’ve discussed, and I mean that in a good way. Like many of us book reviewers, Lindsey (blog owner) didn’t intend on running a review blog, she just kind of did. I like how relatable Lindsey is and also how thorough her reviews are. Lindsey enjoys many genres of books, a few examples are Fantasy, Historical, and Young Adult, but there are more than just that. Lindsey also does TV/Film recommendations like I do! I love that. I think that of all the blogs I’ve posted today A Rambling Reviewer is the most similar to what I do in terms of content. So if you like my blog, I think you will like this one even more!

Find A Rambling Reviewer here!

Do you follow any of these bloggers already? Are you going to follow them? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Savannah Worman

My name is Savannah, you can call me Sav. I am a recent Oregon State graduate, Siletz tribal member, and aspiring book critic. Join me on this exploration of the literary world around us. You’re sure to find something you like. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments feel free to hit me up on the contact page! I live in the Pacific Northwest with my boyfriend, my Havanese/Aussie Shepard Stark, my Jack Russell/Shih Tzu Daenerys, and my son Finn.

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