You’ve probably heard of the movie Train To Busan, but have you heard of the animated sequel Seoul Station? It’s just as good and deserves far more recognition.

Taking place in and around Seoul station, a young runaway woman must try to survive in a world that sees her as disposable. The story revolves around two main characters: Suk-gyu, a father who searches for his runaway daughter (Hye-sun), who he finds is alive and currently a prostitute. Just as he is about to be reunited with her, a zombie epidemic breaks out in Seoul.

(Description from Wikipedia)

I watched this movie because I loved Train To Busan, you can read what that’s about here, and because I thought the idea of an animated prequel for a live action movie was an interesting idea.

I was skeptical that an animated prequel could bring the same punch that the live action did, but I was unnecessarily worried.

I loved that they were able to hold onto that scariness. It kept me in the edge of my seat and oftentimes scenes were hard to watch but impossible to look away from. They kept that momentum from Train To Busan and it made the perfect connection between the two. One thing that this series of movies is doing well is making nightmare inducing zombies. They are freaking scary!

I wasn’t sure if Seoul Station was a full length movie, it definitely is and it deserves its runtime. A lot of American adults shy away from animated films, especially animated films with subtitles, but this one deserves an audience. It’s not kiddish, AT ALL, and it feels just as believable as a live action film. I watched it yesterday and I’ve already recommended it to multiple people, because it deserves it.

One thing I didn’t enjoy was the characters. It’s weird to say that I loved a movie so much even though the characters were weaker in some ways than I like. Pretty much all of the characters are horrible people or have zero survival instinct. As a zombie fan that was so irritating. It’s hard to root for people when they are so terrible, but it works in favor for some characters and it doesn’t for others. It was weird to hope that some of the characters I didn’t like survived. It made me angry but was also interesting because it was different. There’s no real hero in this story.

I will say that the ending is so satisfying. It takes a turn then ends in a spectacular fashion. I was a little blown away, not because it’s entirely unique, but because it was so well done. You expect these kinds of movies to end a certain way and when they don’t it’s like a punch in the gut. In this case the gut punch is a good one.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I give Seoul Station 4/5 stars. It’s a great movie and I definitely recommend.

You can purchase a copy at this link and I will get a portion of the proceeds at no extra cost to you.

Have you seen Seoul Station? Or Train To Busan? Let me know what you think in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Movie Review Monday: Seoul Station

  1. barshanroyturno says:

    Needful content. Keep creating content like this! Tons of love for you

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  2. Never seen Train to Busan as I don’t love horror movies. If I wasn’t such a scaredycat, I would definitely want to watch this prequel and the movie! Great review.

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  3. I really like the sound of this. What platform did you watch it on?


  4. Anu says:

    Nice review!!


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