Book Review: Eagle of the Empire by Martin Ferguson

The Relic Hunters series is what you’d get if you combined the Young James Bond series, Indiana Jones, and National Treasure. It’s a YA adventure that you won’t want to miss!


When his brother mysteriously disappears, sixteen-year-old Adam Hunter discovers that the myths and legends he was told as a boy have more truth to them than he ever thought possible.

To free his brother, Adam must uncover the truth about the lost Roman Ninth Legion and find its fabled Eagle Standard, an artefact of mysterious mythical power. Adam calls on the help of the British Museum, a team of quirky Relic Hunters, skilled in recovering and protecting relics around the world. 

They need to act fast for they are not the only ones searching for the relic.

To save the life of his brother, Adam and his allies will face an immortal tyrant who seeks to claim the Eagle of the Empire for himself, and with it, bring the world to its knees.

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love archeological adventures. Indiana Jones was my absolute favorite as a child, and this series feels like the next step. Eagle of the Empire is just the first stepping stone in this action packed series.

The adventure starts with one small sentence,

“Do not let this fall into the wrong hands.”

From that point on I was hooked. This book is an adrenaline shot from the very beginning, and it keeps its fast paced tone without becoming confusing or muddled. I love when a story kicks it into high gear and is able to maintain that speed, that’s exactly how an adventure story should be. It kept my heart racing and I loved that.

The protagonists are excellent, even though you aren’t sure whether you can trust some of them. I love how the author is able to build such a diverse cast of heroes with their own desires and flaws. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s incredibly important to create three dimensional characters. There’s nothing I hate more than cardboard cutout characters who only exist in the background for the main character to interact with. This book absolutely nails dynamic characters.

I also enjoyed how it flashes from present to past between Adam and The Centurion of Ancient Rome. Usually these kinds of books build history through discovery of artifacts, but this one gives you a first hand account of the past. I loved viewing the gladiatorial arenas through a gladiators eyes. Honestly it reminded me of the Gladiator movie, which I also love. The switch from past to present is smooth and it adds even more depth to the story.

I mentioned earlier how this book reminded me of National Treasure, this is why:

“You want to infiltrate the Vatican?’ Charles asks after a moment of silence. ‘You want to infiltrate one of the most heavily guarded structures in the world? In the very heart of Rome it is its own country, possessing its own army and is home to the Pope himself.”

I love the high-stakes of this book, and the bar only keeps getting higher and higher as we progress. There’s so much to lose and it really creates the tone you need for this kind of story.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Maybe I’m a sucker for adventure novels, but this is easily a five star read in my eyes.

A huge thank you to Martin Ferguson for reaching out to me. As soon as I’m caught up on my reviews I’ll be reading what happens next!

Would you like a copy of Eagle of the Empire? If you purchase a copy using this link I will get a portion of the proceeds at no extra cost to you.

Have you heard of this series before? Does it sound interesting? Let me know in the comments.

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