My Blog Made Some $$$

It’s not much but my blog made its first dollar. I honestly never thought I would make a single thing off of my blog, but getting this notification made me realize that I could turn this into a job, if I put in enough effort and stayed dedicated. Thank you to everyone who follows me and enjoys my content! Have a nice evening.

One thought on “My Blog Made Some $$$

  1. Congratulations!!
    On your first dollar earned on your blog. My first dollar earned online was for freelance writing. I still remember and was so happy that I was able to finely earn something after spending about 10 years learning everything I could about working at home and working online. I earned it about 2015 then in 2017 I leave the internet and in 2020 I come back and this 2ed time around I have earned about $200 in the past 4 weeks are so. It does feel good to earn that first dollar.

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